female veterinarian holding a small dog patientHave ever dreamed of working with animals? Can you see yourself in a career that you find both challenging and rewarding?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!  At Animal Career Guide.com, our mission is helping people find jobs and careers working with animals of all types.

We’re not another job finder or classified ad site. Instead with offer up-to-date information on careers with dogs and cats, veterinary careers, wildlife careers, equestrian careers, pet and other animal businesses, zoology careers, marine careers, biology careers, and much more.

Some people are skeptical of finding a career that actually pays well, while at the same time allowing them the freedom to persue their passion of working with the animals that they love.

For some this can be as simple as volunteering at a local animal shelter, or helping to rescue wild animals in a time of need, when there is an oil spill or natural disaster nearby, or even on the other side of the world. Other poeple are looking for paying jobs or careers working with domestic animals, zoo animals, or farm animals.

Most if not all of these careers require at least a high school diploma or GED. Many require additional education, anywhere from two to eight years of college, depending upon how far you want to go. The jobs related to the sciences, such as veterinary medicine and biology, require courses in organic chemistry, physics and calculus.

These courses can often be taken at the high school level which will prepare you for the college level classes.


Animal Related Careers Are In Demand

According to the US government's Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH),  there will be continued and growing demand fohorse trainer working to break a wild horser animal services workers in the coming decades.

This demand will be driven by the predicted increases in the population of companion pets, as well as the increasing demand for animal services such as behavior modification and training.

Good job growth opportunities are also expected for the pet sitting and dog and animal grooming industries as busy pet owners have less time to devote to their animals.

The animal health care industry is also experiencing rapid growth as more pet owners seek state-of-the-art health care for their pets. Veterinary, veterinary technician, and veterinary assistant positions are in constant demand around the country,  as well as non-traditional care such as pet acupuncture and pet message therapy.

Working with animals can be a very rewarding and exciting career avenue. With so many people unhappy with their current jobs, and today's uncertain labor market, retriaining into an animal-related career might just be the best choice you could make for you and your family.


List Of Animal Careers

The animal career field actually encompasses dozens of different vocations, with a wide range of income levels and educational requirements. Choosing the right one, as in deciding on any new career path, should involve a lot soul searching, planning, and decisive action. This is your life we're talking about, after all, and there's nothing worse than spending years and thousands of dollars on a higher education, only to discover you've made a big mistake.

The following is an admittedly incomplete list of animal career and job categories. Some require higher education, others don't, but almost all of them require some training and experience working with animals.


Animal Care & Medicine (small animal, large animal, exotic, wildlife rehabilitation, etc):

* Research Veterinarian
* Veterinarian
* Veterinary Technician
* Veterinary Assistant
* Veterinary Dental Technician
* Animal Physical Therapist
* Veterinary Physiotherapist
* Animal Chiropractor
* Animal Behaviorist
* Holistic Veterinary Medicine
* Animal Welfare Jobs
* Pet Therapist
* Animal Lab Technician
* Veterinary Surgeon
* Veterinary Nurse
* Veterinary Microbiologist
* Animal Hospital Clerk
* Feline Behavior Counselor
* Canine Behavior Counselor

Zoo Careers (training varies, ranging from exotic animal caretaking to biology:

* Zoo Director
* Zoo Supervisor
* Zookeeper
* Zoo Habitat Specialist
* Zoo Curator
* Research Zoologist
* Careers in zoology
* Zoo Interns
* Zoology Jobs Outlook
* Gamekeeper

Animal Training:

* Dog Trainers for work, show and and obedience training, assistance dogs, rescue dogs, law enforcement & military, etc.
* Horse Trainers, also known as equine trainers.
* Marine Mammal Trainers, working with whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.
* Animal Volunteers (may require special training or previous work experience)
* Animal Behavioral Trainer
* Exotic Animal Trainer
* Field research

Pet Careers & Businesses:

* Animal Caretaker Jobs
* Dog Jobs
* Dog Breeder
* Outreach Programs
* Petsitting
* Dog Grooming
* Pet Shop Business
* Boarding Kennel Manager
* Kennel Assistant
* Doggie Day Care Business
* Pet Bakery Business
* Pet Spa Business
* Dog Pooper Scooper Business
* Pet Door Installer
* Dog Walker
* Pet Massage
* Dog Show Handler
* Pet Photographer
* Pet Toy Business
* Selling Live Coral Online
* Pet Acupuncturist
* Pet Stylist
* Dog or Cat Artist

Working with Horses:

* Horse Jobs
* Riding Instructor
* Farrier
* Horse Groom
* Equine Facility Manager
* Stable Worker
* Equine Massage Therapist
* Horse Breeding
* Horse Farm Owner
* Horse Vacationing
* Racehorse Adoptions
* Wrangler
* Cowboy
* Jockey
* Jockey's Agent
* Rodeo Careers
* Saddler
* Dude Ranch Worker

Care and Conservation of Wildlife:

* Marine Biologist
* Conservation Officer
* Conservation Biologist
* Wildlife Management
* Wildlife Technician
* Ecologist
* Ornithologist
* Environmental Manager
* Environmental Chemistry
* Oceanographer
* Park Ranger
* Interpretive Naturalist
* Wildlife Biologist
* Wildlife Photographer
* Nature Photographer
* Natural Resources Manager
* Wildlife Rescue
* Wildlife Inspector
* Wildlife Rehabilitator
* Wildlife Filmmaker

Protective agencies & shelters

* Director of Animal Control
* Animal Control Officer
* Animal Shelter Manager
* Humane Investigator
* Humane Educator
* Humane Law Enforcement
* Shelter Worker
* Shelter Clerical Worker
* Animal Welfare Lawyer
* Animal Cruelty Investigator
Shelter Volunteer
* Animal Volunteer Manager
* Greyhound Adoptions
* Disaster Relief Specialist
* Humane Society Employee


Aquariums & Aquaculture

* Aquaculture Employment
* Aquaculture Technician
* Aquaculture Engineer
* Aquaculture Research Scientist
* Aquarist
* Aquaculture Program Officer
* Aquaculture Veterinarians
* Aquaculture Professorships
* Aquarium Careers
* Fisheries Research Lab Manager
* Fish Sales
* Fish Biologist
* Fish Farm Manager
* Hatchery Supervisor
* Tropical Fish & Aquarium Rentals

General areas of study and work:

* Agriculture & Natural Resources
* Animal Sciences
* Zoology
* Education
* Environmental Sciences
* Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences
* Law (Animal Welfare, Environmental)
* Psychology
* Science Technology


If you don't find an animal career that interests you, have a look at our other careers or outdoor careers sections for more career options. And if you're looking to further your education, check out the online degree page for more information. We also have a dog training section if you're interested in learning more about his exciting field.

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Our Furry and Feathered Friends Need You!

Maybe you don’t want a “career” at all. Many people just want to volunteer their time in some way that involves being around and caring for animals. Volunteering will also increase your chances of securing a job working with animals, if you so choose, as most employeers like to see real-world experience on an applicant’s resume.

Pet shop owner with rabbit

Whatever your goals, pursue them with passion. A job working with animals probably won’t make you rich financially, but it can offer a lifetime of joy and fulfillment that more traditional careers can’t come close to.

So have a look around our site, and if you're a visual learner, have a look at our animal career and veterinary videos. We've also provided a host of articles, an active blog with up-to-date industry news and information, and other resources on veterinary careers, pet-related businesses and careers, zoology careers, animal training careers, marine careers, and more!



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