Animal Science Careers

So what are animal science careers exactly?

This is actually a fairly broad career field, and can encompass animal research, the care of pets and other animals, the study of livestock, help in preserving wildlife and endangered species, and more.

Animal science careers are becoming more popular as people seek jobs where they can work with animals in a variety of fields. Some are animal lovers, others like the idea of helping the environment and nature, and others are just looking for exciting work in a growing industry that also pays well.

One important focus of an animal science major is the genetics, breeding, and growth of livestock. With so much of the world’s food supply coming from livestock and farm animals, there is a growing need for these animals to produce larger amounts of healthy nutrition for the general population.

Another important area is in scientific research on animals. This can be a challenging field for animal lovers, but there is a lot of very important research being done on lab animals, including the testing of new drugs that could help fight human diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more. The federal government does extensive research using animals, as does private industry as well.

Many veterinarians also have strong animal science backgrounds. Research veterinarians, for example, typically need a strong education in animal sciences. Veterinarian-researchers may work for a dog food company, for example, testing puppies or older dogs and how they react to a new type of dog food. With today’s hyper-competitive pet food industry, there is always a need to find the next great product.

About The Job

As mentioned earlier, animal science careers cover a variety of fields, and so the type of work you’ll find yourself doing varies from job to job. The work can range from horse training, ranching, livestock management and production, wildlife research, marine biology, animal nutrition, and even meat processing.

In general, this type of work appeals to people who enjoy working with animals. While some careers in this field involve working outdoors, doing research in the field, many others are indoor jobs in laboratories or offices.

As mentioned earlier, if you plan on going into the animal research arm of the animal science career field, you should be prepared to deal with the realities of this type of work. If you have a strong love of animals, and can't stand the thought of them being harmed in any way, then you should probably consider a different career path.


Training and certification

As a rule, a career in animal sciences will require at least a Bachelors degree, if not a Masters. If you plan on going into the agriculture field, you’ll typically need to have a strong science background, especially in biology.





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