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Did you know that every year, millions of unwanted, abused, stray or abandoned pets and other animals are euthanized in this country because they can’t be placed in caring homes?

This is a sad statistic that is under-reported by the news media in this country. Even with programs to promote the spaying and neutering of dogs, cats, and other animals, the overpopulation of pets leads to more animals than can be cared for even in a pet-loving society.

Who can help but feel sad at the fate of cat, dogs, rabbits, birds - and even larger animals like horses – who through no fault of their own end up displaced or homeless. Many times people who’ve lost their homes to foreclosure have to give up their pets to animal shelters or the local dog pound. And who among us can forget the plight of thousands of pets displaced by natural disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

Tens of thousands of other animals such as racing greyhounds and thoroughbred horses are cycled out of the racing industry each year - either An adopted racing greyhound with its new ownerdue to age or injury - and these creatures face an early demise if they can’t be placed in new homes.

Another unfortunate situation is the abundance of “puppy mills” and backyard breeders springing up throughout the country. These unregulated breeders produce an abundance of animals in the hopes of turning a quick profit, but unfortunately many of the puppies and kittens are never purchased and end up being euthanized before they really have a chance in life.


But there is help out there for these animals

Fortunately there are a number of organizations in the US and abroad that are dedicated to saving as many of these animals as possible. And if you’re looking for a job or career that makes a difference, then working for one of these organizations can be both rewarding and a labor of love. After all, what could beat the feeling of knowing that you’ve helped find an adopted home for an animal who would have otherwise been destroyed?

Giving a pet a second chance in life can be an incredible experience. And adopted dogs, cats, horses and other animals make loyal and loving pets as they’re always grateful that someone opened their homes to them, and rescued them from life in a dog pound or rescue shelter.

This is an important service to the animal community, and is only expected to An adopted thoroughbred racehorse with its proud new ownergrow in the coming years. And workers and volunteers will be needed to help these adopted animals make the transition from shelters and race facilities into new homes and new loving owners.

The majority of animal adoption and rescue groups were created and operated by dedicated teams of volunteers. These volunteers open their homes to these wayward animals, and help to house, train, deal with medical issues, and provide a safe environment until a suitable placement home can be located.

These rescue organizations exist for a wide variety of pet types, from retired racehorses, greyhounds, birds and rabbits. There are also a number of specific dog breed organizations like hunting dog rescue and adoptions, German Shepherds, Retrievers, small and large dog breeds, etc.

Jobs and careers are available in animal adoptions

Many of these animal rescue and adoption organizations have grown to the point where they have a number of full and part-time paid staff working in their day-to-day operations. Positions range from shelter managers, foster care coordinators, groomers, vet assistants, clerical workers, public relations, marketing, client care, and more.

If you don’t have a degree or training in any of these areas, you can still make contacts and gain valuable experience by volunteering at a shelter or animal rescue facility in your area. Most of these organizations are in constant need of volunteers to help out with a variety of tasks, including folks who are willing to take in animals temporarily until permanent homes can be found for them.

For more information about how you can get involved in pet and other animal adoptions, you can visit which is an umbrella organization for animal rescue groups of all types. They also have a searchable database of more than 12,000 adoption agencies and shelters throughout North America.



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