Working As A Dog Groomer

So how does one get into the dog grooming business? Many aspiring dog groomers gain valuable work experience by working in a pet shop, kennle, or salon.

Some then go on to start their own dog grooming businesses after gaining confidence and the necessary level of experience.

The next question you may be asking yourself is what exactly is invovled in working as a dog groomer. In general, groomers may specialize in dogs, but also groom cats and other animals as well. Their job revolves around washing, brushing, and trimming an animal’s hair or fur. They may trim the animal’s claws or nails as well.

Dog groomers don’t just attend to the appearance of animals, however, they also keep a close eye on the health of the animals in their care. Groomers are trained to report any unusual symptoms to the pet’s owner. Other duties include maintaining and sanitizing the grooming equipment, and making sure their work environment is sanitary and safe for the animals. Dog groomers use a variety of equipment in their work, including clippers, brushes, scissors, nail clippers, and electric hair trimmers.

A gromming session can last two hours or more, and often tests the patience of groomer, pet and owner alike. Some groomers, in addition to performing standard grooming, also groom dogs and cats for pet shows and other competitions. The animals have to look their best in this situations, so the pressure is on for the groomer to do an outstanding job on the animal or risk the wrath of an angry owner.

While most dog groomers work in stores or retail businesses, a growing trend in recent years is is mobile grooming. Mobile dog groomers work out of specially-equipped vans that have all the equipment of a standard salon. They travel to the pet owners home, and do the service right on the spot. This can make it a lot more convenient for the pet owner as he or she doesn’t have to spend the time and effort travelling to a pet store or dog grooming business.

Training and other education. Many dog groomers learn their trade after completing an informal apprenticeship, or “on the job training,” under the supervision of a licensed groomer. Other groomers choose to attend attend one of 50 state-licensed grooming schools around the country. By passing an association text, groomers can also be certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

So what are the employment opportunities in the dog grooming industry? According to projections, this is expected to be a growing business in the years to come as more and more consumers are spending more and more money on their petsl. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, spending on pets in the US will top $40 billion or more by 2011. Also, the level of spending is increasing at a faster rate than the number of pets. In other words, there is an increasing rise in the average spending per pet.

This should not be surprising. Many pet owners consider their pets to be a part of the family, and thus are willing to spend money on luxury pet services such as professional grooming and training. And this is a trend that should only increase in the years and decades to come.


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