Dog Jobs

If you love dogs (and who doesn't?) and you'd like to spend your days working with these wonderful animals, then a dog job is certainly a possible career choice.

With the explosion of pets in the US, and around the world for that matter, there is an ever increasing need for workers who are trained in the care of canines. Today most people aren't satisfied with a poorly-trained dog, and they certainly don't want to leave their best friend in a cage at the local kennel when they go on vacation.

And so there are a variety of dog jobs available in today's employment marketplace. One place to start is in the medical field, where veterinarians, vet assistants, technicians, animal behaviorists, and alternative medicine vets are in constant demand. People today want their dogs to live long, healthy, happy lives, and they're willing to spend money on all types of medical care and treatment for their beloved pet.

If you're looking for a dog job that will get you lots of outdoor air and exercise, you might consider becoming a professional dog walker. In A doggie day care owner walking several client caninesgeneral, the requirements for being a dog walker are a love for dogs, being in good physical condition, enjoy working with people (namely the dog's owner), and of course have an aptitude for handling dogs on a leash and walking one or several at a time.

Another dog job that's an offshoot of a dog walker is a professional petsitter. Petsitters care for dogs, cats, birds, fish and other animals usually in the owner's home. Some petsitting requires that the worker sleep over at the owner's home to care for the pets for days or even weeks while the owners are away. Other times the petsitter just stops buy during the day to walk or feed the animals and then leaves. This is a growing industry, and a solid reliable petsitter should have no trouble finding steady work in almost any town or city in the country with a large animal population.

Dog trainers are another option when working with canines. Trainers typically fit into several broad categories.  Trainers teach dogs new tricks, obedience, family manners, show-ring exercises, and other various skills. Another area of dog training is teaching specialized skills to search-and rescue dogs, hunting dogs, sled dogs, orr service dogs for people with disabilities.

Another good dog job is working as a groomer. As a rule, groomers specialize in dogs, but they can also groom other animals such as cats as well. A typical grooming job involves bathing, brushing, and trimming an animal’s fur as desired by the owner. This may also including trimming the animals claws as well.  But dog groomers aren't just responsible for the apprearance of animals, they're also required to keep an eye on the animal's general health, and report any strange or unusual symptoms to the pet’s owner as soon as possible.

Becoming a pet photographer is another great way to work with dogs. Today many dog owners want a portrait of their beloved pet or pets, and are willing to pay a professional photographer for that service. A pet photographer should have education or a background in photography or the arts, and especially experience as a human portrait photographer would be most beneficial. You'll also need to know how to use a digital camera, and be able to operate
photo imaging computer software such as Adobe Photoshop.



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