Equine Facility Manager

If you love being around horses, and you have good organizational and management skills, you might consider a career as an equine facility manager. You’ll be able to spend much of your time working outdoors, with horses, and you’ll be in an important position of authority.

You might think that these positions are hard to come by, but there are more opportunities than first meets the eye. Whether it’s a breeding stable or a racing barn, just about every equine establishment needs a good manager to run the day-to-day operations and keep things operating smoothly.

Sometimes the equine facility manager is also the owner of the barn or stable, but more often the manager is a salaried employee working for a separate owner or ownership group. A college degree isn’t required to secure one of these positions, and many managers started as stable hands and worked their way up to the top position, learning the job along the way.

About the job

Equine facility managers have a variety of duties to perform on a daily basis, some in the office, and others out in the field. The job often varies depending on the operation to be managed, the ownership, and the staff at the facility.

Some of these duties include:

Experience and training needed for the job:

Typically, equine facility managers have some business management training and experience in addition to experience working with and around horses. Many managers worked previously in another area of the horse industry, as a horse trainer, stable worker, riding instructor, etc.

Some equine managers have arrangements with the ownership whereby they work for a reduced salary, in exchange for boarding services for their own horses. This is a win-win for both parties, and allows the manager to oversee the care of his or her horses while on the job.

In order to work in this exciting and challenging field, you’ll need the following traits:



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