Our Favorite Animal Photos


Here at the Animal Career Guide, we like to share our favorite animal photos from time to time. We go by the theory that all animals are cute, no matter what their shape or size, and we've never met a dog, cat, bird, horse or other animal that was "camera shy" the way people sometimes are!

Btw - if you like to send us a photo of your favorite animal for possible inclusions on this page, use the contact form to send us your suggestion.


Mixed breed dog lounging in the backyard
This pooch is playing it waaaay too cool!


Poodle taking a nap in a comfy pet bed in the kitchen
Who says a dog's life is too easy?


Photo of cat peering over edge of blanket
Did we say that pets aren't camera shy?


A cute kitten staring up at the camera
Buddy I'm all ears


A pair of turtles lounging in the sun
Hey, did you remember the sunscreen?













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