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Making the meaningful decision to seek a new career can be one of the most challenging and thrilling times in a person's life. After all, you can look forward to a whole new world of possibilities, like doing the work you've always dreamed of doing, fulfilling a personal life vision, increasing your income, and maybe even benefiting others as well. You might be seeking to launch a new business venture, go back to school to get an advanced degree or learn a new trade, or move into an exciting new career path that's always interested you.

Today's job market has changed, and unfortunately the job search skills you learned in school probably no longer apply. Many of the rules have changed, from resume preparation to online networking. One item that's gone by the wayside is the "objective statement" on a resume, and another is asking your interviewer a question that you could have answered yourself by visiting the employer's website.

It's a good idea during the interview to ask insightful questions about the position and the company. Ask the interviewer the reasons why the position is available, and why did the last person move into a new job? And be sure to ask the interviewer how quickly they expect to fill the open position.

Be positive about previous employers or supervisors. Always maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Rest hands comfortably in your lap, and gesture appropriately as you speak. When speaking, don't drift off at the end of sentences, and keep your voice clear and confident.

Be sure to inquire during your interview, about the firm and the position. You'll also want to ask the interviewer about the open position: Why is it available? And why exactly did the previous employee leave? And be sure to ask the interviewer how quickly they expect to fill the open position.

Try to stay positive when asked about former supervisors and employers. Maintain good eye contact. Rest your hands comfortably in your lap, and gesture appropriately as you speak. Speak clearly and confidently, avoid monotone patterns, and end sentences crisply.

Most people find that life is a lot better and work a lot easier when you're doing a job that you enjoy. Understand that to achieve a career that you truly love, you'll have to commit to whatever career growth steps are necessary to reach that goal. I think you'll find the rewards well worth it, both now, and for years to come.

Career decisions don't always carry the luxury of foresight and the opportunity to contemplate all options carefully. Are you facing a fork in your career road? It's wise to never make a major career move without first considering all the options and ramifications. A sound decision almost always takes into account your career, your family, and your life as a whole.



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