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Okay, so you've decided that a career as a marine biologist is in your future. Now you need to find a college that has a marine biology program, a major that you likely won’t find offered at a school in Nebraska or North Dakota.

Marine biology colleges are actually more common than you might think, and despite what I said above, some of them are in landlocked states as well. There are colleges in Ohio and Kansas that offer this major, for example, although coastal states like Florida and California have by far the most marine biology colleges in the country.

Marine biology has several related fields as well, such as marine science, oceanography, biological oceanography, and more. It’s worth noting that the majority of marine biology degrees are earned at the Master’s level or higher. While it’s true that some schools do offer marine biology at the Bachelor’s level, most “true” marine biologists have a Master’s or PhD.

If you’re shooting for a Master’s or PhD in this field, you’ll usually want to start by earning a Bachelor’s in something like zoology, biology, or one of the other life sciences. Also be prepared to study a lot of chemistry and physics, as well as biology, in order to become a successful marine biologist.

This major also requires a lot of fieldwork, which is a major draw for a lot of students. The idea of studying marine life in its natural environment is exciting, and a lot of students do additional research in the summer off campus at a marine park or a marine science research center like Woods Hole or the University of Miami.

It also helps to become a certified scuba diver, and learn underwater photography as well. But make no mistake, much of the work in this major is done in the classroom. And while it’s true that many people are drawn to marine biology due to their interest in marine mammals like dolphins and whales, most who graduate from a marine biology college go on to do work on much smaller creatures, even on microscopic organisms.


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