Pet Door Installer

If you’re interested in a business opportunity that’s sure to only grow in the coming years, and you’re a pet lover, you might consider becoming a pet door installer.

With over 30 million household pets in North America, there’s no shortage of pet owners who need pet doors installed in their homes. After all, cats and dogs need to get outside to exercise and do their business, and a pet door allows them to do that even when the owner is away from home.

Pet doors also allow pet owners to relax and focus on their own activities without having to constantly get up to let their pets in and out of the house. And many owners don’t have the skills or tools to install the door themselves, so they hire the services of a pet door installer to do it for them.

Some advantages of this type of business

Some potential challenges with renting tropical fish & aquariums

Getting your pet door installation business off the ground

When starting your pet door installation business, you’ll want to start out by putting together a solid business and marketing plan. This is another area where buying a franchise business can help, as these plans will already be in place, proven systems from years of business success.

You’ll also need to decide if you plan on buying your pet doors as pre-made kits, or manufacturing them yourself. There’s more profit in making your own doors, but there’s also more time and work involved as well. For most new installers, it’s better to start out by buying the doors pre-made, then move into manufacturing once you’re well established in your local community.

When marketing your new pet door business, the first place you’ll want to start is by approaching pet shops in your community, especially the smaller independently-owned stores. Your service can be a great addition to the pet shop’s offerings to their customers, and you can give the shop a commission on any business they send your way. And if you do decide to start manufacturing your own doors at some point, you can sell them to the pet stores as kits that they can resell to their DIY inclined customers.

You’ll also want to spread the word among other pet-related businesses in your community, such as dog groomers, veterinarians and clinics, doggie day care centers, pet sitters and more. You should find these businesses more than willing to recommend your services to their clients, and again you might offer to give them a cut of the profits in return.

If you’re interested in a pet door franchise business, you might look into the Hale Pet Door company. They’ve been in business for many years, and in fact they manufactured the first double-flap pet door back in 1986. If you become a Hale Pet Door installer/dealer, you’ll have the training and support of a company that knows the ins and outs of this growing and lucrative business opportunity.


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