Careers In The Pet Services Industry

If you’re a pet lover in search of an exciting new career, you might be interested to know that the pet service industry is growing, despite the challenges in the overall economy.

In fact, people employed in the pet service industry have a unique sort of job security. With the explosion of pet ownership in recent years, and the fact that many pet owners regard their dog or cat as “part of the family,” pet services will always be in high demand, regardless of economic conditions.

Taking care of the family pet is one expense that most pet owners find indespensible. In fact, many are willing to cut back on their personal expenses to insure that the family dog, cat or other animal is healthy and properly taken care of. This is reflected in the fact that spending on pet services grew by billions of dollars last year, despite the most challenging economic climate since the Great Depression.

Doggie day care, professional pet sitting, dog grooming, veterinary care, dog training, pet nutrition, all these and more accounted for over $43 Billion in spending in 2008. And the total is expected to climb higher in 2009 and beyond as the pet services industry continues to grow in the coming decades.

Good veterinary care continues to be the one indispensable aspect of pet ownership. Few pet owners are willing to let their beloved pets go without the proper medical attention, regardless of their finanacial situation. Even some pet owners who lack health insurance for themselves, are nevertheless willing to pay for emergency and other veterinary care for their beloved pets.

Some career options in the veterinary medicine field are veterinarians, veterinary technicians and assiastants, and office personnel.

Other key careers in the growing pet services industry are pet sitters, pet store owners, doggie day care operators, dog groomers, kennel and shelter workers, pet photographers, and more.



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