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High quality veterinary jobs are more plentiful than ever in today’s pet-friendly society. In most residential neighborhoods, the local animal hospital or clinic is as essential to the community as the fire station or the library. And there is an ever-increasing need for qualified individuals to staff the veterinary jobs available at these facilities.

Many people aspire to be veterinarians. Others would like to work as veterinary technicians or assistants, or as a clerk in a pet hospital or clinic. Or work at a zoo staff in a similar capacity.

The care of pets and small animals is a highly rewarding field. If not always financially, at least in the fact that you’ll be working with, and helping to care for, the animals that you love.

Just about everyone who owns a pet has been to a veterinarian’s office at one point or another. Usually for routine procedures like shots or to have the animal spayed or neutered, but also for more major issues such as sickness or injury. As pets age, then can develop many of the same health issues as humans, and can need the same types of medications and preventative care as well.

And with the increasing sophistication of animal care in this country, and the growing number of pets, veterinary jobs will become more specialized and in demand as time goes on. Many animal hospitals now have intensive care units, and there are veterinarians who specialize as cardiologists, neurologists, or even oncologists.

There are many veterinary jobs available for support staff as well. Veterinary technicians work closely with veterinarians, and assist in surgery, help in rehab, draw blood and perform routine screenings and testing, give x-rays, treat and dress wounds, assist in surgery, and more.

Veterinary assistants are another critical component of any well run animal care facility. The assistants are responsible for a variety of functions around the clinic or hospital, and they typically feed and exercise the animals at the facility, answer the phone and help out at the front desk, clean out cages and pens, and assist the veterinarians and technicians as needed. They also help advise animal owners about the best methods of feeding and caring for their pets.

The bulk of veterinary jobs in the US involve the care of cats, dogs, and other small animals such as birds, reptiles, ferrets and just about any other animal that can be kept as a pet. There are also veterinarians who specialize in larger animals like horses, or farm animals and livestock

As you might imagine, these large animal vets are usually based in rural areas of the country, and they spend much of their time traveling from farm to farm and client to client. Farm animals typically treated on this visits include cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, and even chickens in some instances.

If you choose to persue this challenging profession, you're education will be one of the most important decisions you can make. Choosing the right vet tech school, for example, is a critial choice. Make sure to do your homework, and choose a school that that meets all your needs, is in a convenient location, and will give you the knowledge and job skills to gain an entry-level job in this industry.

Whatever veterinary career you’re interested in, be aware that working long hours, and nights and weekends, usually comes with the territory. Veterinarians and vet techs, especially ones who work in busy hospitals or group practices, put in a lot of overtime, and some are even on call during holidays and weekends. But usually they’re well compensated for their time, if not always in dollars, at least in knowing they’ve helped someone’s beloved pet get better.



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